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Counting to Ten - Anger Management Tips For Teachers

One of the world's great mysteries must be how a child, so new to the world and uneducated in matters of human relationships, can so effectively get under the skin of a perfectly rational adult. Adults who spend much of their time dealing with children, namely teachers, should be immune to such "childish" matters, or so you would think. After all, the long road teachers travel to earn their credentials is full of mandatory child psychology classes taught by experts in the field. the problem is that most of these experts spend their days teaching rational adults and not be assaulted by dozens of attacking third graders.

Remaining in Control

Everyone gets stressed at times. Maybe it's something at home, the work load or a mix of several factors. This is completely normal and teachers rarely take it out on their students. But occasionally, a child seems more like some evil genius who knows exactly what buttons to push and what levers to pull to put the nearest adult into a blind rage. This is where anger management techniques kick in. It is at this point where one is in danger of losing control and doing something they will regret. Though you can't completely control the actions of the offending kid, you can remain in complete control of yourself and win the battle.

Counting to Ten

Everyone has heard of the counting to ten technique, though most people usually don't employ it. That's the problem with acute anger. It comes on so quickly that one often reacts before any rational thinking such as counting to ten can enter the mind. Like many things, it's necessary to practice before it becomes natural and replaces the tendency to react physically, whether it be internalization or an external show of anger.

You must first start with the little episodes. Times when you find yourself mildly bothered, but not quite at the angry level, is where you should start. Each time you have that familiar feeling rising in your chest, use the count to ten technique and let the feeling float away. As you count, think of something relaxing to take your mind away from cause of your anger. When you return, things won't seem so serious and you'll be able to shake it off. As you continue to practice this anger management technique it will become easier and easier to use.

No one expects teachers to have the patience of priests (who also occasionally use the technique) but they are expected to know how to handle problem children. The real secret isn't in controlling the child, but in controlling oneself. Many problem kids will get tired of trying to anger you if they see it isn't working. A few weeks of practicing the count to ten anger management technique will have you responding to these miniature terrors with the calm of a Buddhist monk. And you will come out on the other side feeling more in control of your classroom no matter what is thrown at you.

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